About Us


All products and procedures used at Wrentham Electrology and Skin Care are well researched—tried and true. I do not use the “product of the moment” or buy in to fad treatments or the latest trendy product. Every product that I carry comes from the best companies. I do the groundwork and research to ensure that the given companies carry out proper research and devote resources into proving their merchandise. Skincare products are medicine for your skin and like medicine they should be safe and proven to work. That is why I favor all natural products and take a holistic approach to skincare.
I only use products that are natural like essential oils and that utilize aromatherapy as well as scientifically researched botanicals including parabin free products. I use only top of the line skin care product which are results oriented.
Wrentham Electrology and Skin Care is solely owned and operated by Manijeh Roshan. I started the business in 1997. I had been an electrology client myself and had witnessed the marvels of electrology. When I found that I enjoyed learning about the skin I decided to study skincare. I graduated from Kelly’s School of Electrology and have furthered my education through my own exploration of skincare techniques and products.
Wrentham Electrology and Skin Care uses only disposable, sterilized, implements and tools for my client’s and my own safety.
I do no invasive procedures. I work with your own beauty and your skin-type to give you the best treatments and to find the products that work best for you. I teach you how to read your skin and enhance your own natural beauty. Whether it’s face cream or make up, I make sure it is the best. Wrentham Electrology and Skin Care looks forward to accommodating all clients with the best possible service.